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The recovered forest needs your help. This magnificent project of reforestation in a disaster area in Madagascar, created by Ange Colonna, needs the support of our friends, our families, our colleagues and all those who want to help.

We have already achieved a lot in the last 4 years since the acquisition of the land (Our actions). Today we must continue to plant, reopen the school, develop the nursery, finalize the house to help develop local tourism and publicize this project, raise awareness about bush fires, build a solar oven, …

We do not lack ideas! All this requires a lot of work and we are creating jobs locally because we already employ nearly 15 people: masons, farmers, a cook, …

But the project now needs money to continue to develop and live. We hope to reach self-sufficiency within 3 years and until then we need to find 75 000€.

This is both a lot of money and so little considering the ambitions of such a project with educational, environmental and social values.

We hope to be able to count on you and thank you very much for your help and your presence with all the friends of Ange, Judith and her family.

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Présentation du projet par son fondateur, Ange Colonna

Come live the experience in immersion with us

Nous vous proposons également de financer le projet en échange d'une contribution sur mesure. Far from a tourist logic, we propose you an immersion in our project, you become an actor of it. Une occasion unique de découvrir Madagascar telle que nous l'aimons et telle que nous la vivons au quotidien.

A weekend on site with us, 30 trees planted

500.00 € (starting)

3 days all inclusive for you and your friends and family (up to 5 people). Excluding transportation.

1090,00 € (starting)

7 days all inclusive for one to two people: live the adventure with us: accommodation in individual houses, food, drinks and activities; plant your own tree, take a cooking class, swim in the river, watch a movie in the open air

1490,00 € (starting from)

Come live a week of adventure with us for 4-5 people: planting, swimming, outdoor cinema, meeting with the school, pick up your bananas, all inclusive stay (food and drink) excluding transportation.

2590,00 € (starting from)